Shaili Banker

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Antique Art Collectors Home




4200 sq.ft.






Architecture, Interior design and landscape design

With a challenging brief, where number of traditional art pieces was to be placed in a way that each could find an identity of its own, this house is a blend of contemporary design with traditional antiques.

A conscious choice of using grey stone masonry for the walls was to blend the traditional elements in a contemporary space. The main door is an antique salvaged from a traditional haveli set in this grey stone masonry wall. The space for each piece of art is carefully created in a way that it highlights rather than cause an intrusion.

A small intrusion is made in the plan, where the living area and the dining space is separated by a green volume of plantation. This not only provides a beautiful backdrop for the antique dining furniture, but also provides a calming natural view and ventilation for the spaces around. Being a double height, this dining space is the centre of the house and provides natural light to the entire house throughout the day.

The glass staircase running from basement to second floor has a backdrop of mother of pearl panels that glows during the day and provides light for circulation.