Shaili Banker

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Charotar Resort




12 acres


Under construction




Architecture, Interior Design and landscape design

Resort is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. Nature plays an important role in doing this. Since this resort lies amidst fields, there is no such element of nature present there. So water as an element of nature is introduced to create a resort that feels like an absolute destination for relaxation. Architecture and water has always had a special relationship since history, be it the ghats, or a lake palace or a temple on a river. After a thorough study of such building types, we came up with the idea of creating water chalets along the edge of an artificial lake.

The architecture of the chalets is designed such as not to hinder the lush green landscape but instead to blend in and be invisible. The lake facing side of the chalets have glazing which reflects the water and thus creating an illusion of being a part of the lake. The back side of the chalet has a curved roof rising from the landscape and going further to create a surface that houses the apartments.

Each of the water chalets has four studio apartment units. These apartment units have different layout designed for a long stay time sharing type of module. Along with pantry and living area the three types of layouts are a single bedroom unit, a double bedroom one and a high end double bedroom with a private plunge pool. Three such chalets along a partial lake are finished and functioning whereas the rest nine are coming up.

Spread over 12 acres of land, this resort will also have other buildings and facilities coming up like a 70 room hotel, naturopathy centre, infinity pool, restaurants, banquet halls etc.