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Garden Villa




30,000 sq.ft.




Garden Villa


Architecture and Interior design

Project Drawing

True to its name, the ‘Garden Villa’, is a reinterpretation of the ‘house in garden’ in a modernist format. Further impelled by the client’s brief of adhering to the time – honoured vastushashtra principles, the design is optimized by a blend of traditional and contemporary design ideologies.

Expounding on the academic architectural theory of ‘bringing the outside in’, the house plan is developed in an organic manner. A home for two brothers who both wanted their bedroom in the same direction meant that one bedroom was placed on top of each other and also resulted in only one room having access to the garden. The design for the home and the built volume is therefore a derivative of this thought, intending to craft a garden outside both the bedrooms, taking the garden up to the upper level.

Fronted by a garden on the three sides of the site, the house is accessed through a large foyer space, and living/dining areas at the front end of the site, with bedrooms and private family areas towards the rear end. Taking the garden up to the roof, and attempting to bring the outdoor greens to the interiors, a large courtyard, finds itself as a central insertion into the built volume. As a focal point in the centre of the house, the courtyard is sheltered by a glass roof, and with a glass floor passage on the first floor, allowing the entire central portion of the house to be naturally lit.

The surrounding greens are further brought inside through intersections at various nodes in the plan, breaking the rigid outline of the house and generating smaller green spaces. These smaller gardens not only aid in generating voids for privacy between indoor spaces, but also facilitate natural light and ventilation and enhancing views. The green environs are visible from each corner of the house that is further augmented by the use of glass to enrich the landscaped panorama. A challenging structure was the result of the design approach, which was resolved through study models, form studies, fine detailing and acutely detailed construction drawings.