Shaili Banker

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Omkara Villa




10,000 sq.ft.






Architecture, interior design and Landscape design

Project Drawing

This project had a very specific brief of designing three residences on a single plot. These three residences were to be occupied by the families of the owner and his two sons individually. The challenge was to design three individual houses and yet have a harmonious look. Each house had to be provided with a unique character but also maintain the synchronicity of the exterior. This was achieved by breaking up the external façade into several cubic volumes stacked vertically as well as placed adjacent to each other. This system of cubic masses was employed in such a way, as to ensure that each house had a distinctive façade. But overall there was a similarity of language maintained to create a cohesive harmony.

The external face of the cube was made of glass permitting the soft northern light throughout the day. Moreover this assembly of cubes was broken by inserting a softer element of an organically designed grill. The time honoured Indian principles of vastu shashtra were kept in mind while creating the layout of each individual house. Hence the three residences were placed length wise parallel to each other on the long plot of land. This resulted in strips of long open spaces in between each house and a large garden area in the front for common use. These long open spaces in between were landscaped to provide privacy to each residence as well as it became a source of light and ventilation. The interior spaces of the residences are fundamentally double and single height volumes locked up into each other. The circulation of each of these houses is essentially linear creating pockets of spaces on either side.